The land of Marnae , a remote part of the Empire of Arassia, is being invaded from the skies above by Skyseeds, massive comets which contain a living host of plants set to eradicate anything built or made by the hands of men. Shaman Aefan SkeinHowes and Seer Naomi Oldarch travel  across the mountains to Marnae to try and help, but they are almost immediately captured by the cult of the Mayend.

Three centuries ago the Paradigm knights destroyed all of the plant gods in Marnae, crushed them ruthlessly to protect the people. Now it seems as if the Caudina, the last of the vine gods is coming back, determined to have its revenge.  The people of Marnae have always assumed that they were in charge of their lands, they are about to discover just how wrong they have been.