Confessions The blue star turns in the hallway, slowly as you stand  before the  unmarked stone door, she begins to speak slowly as if to herself: “Theocrates has told me somewhat of the Aes Sidhe. I thought that Kharon was the greater enemy. When he escaped  – aided by his Mistress Sthenno, one of the […]

Episode Two: Danger in the Dark

Logan, Yanis and Atticus found themselves standing in the entrance to a large, dimly lit room. The thin grey light filtering in through an arrow slit to their right revealed a clutter of fallen masonry and detritus which seemed to be concentrated in the far corner. From ahead came a faint noise, which might have been […]

Episode One: Stars in the Deep

Here’s the first episode in our Story Game: Time of the Gorgons YANBUS 12TH   1508 Yanis ‘the sly’, a renegade Sorceror Logan and Atticus (a mercenary from the north of Makedonia) meet in Taverna Stefanos, a restaurant bar in the village of Valtos. The three have taken shelter out of the howling winds and […]


Here is the background for Time of the Gorgons a  new piece I’m working on for a storytelling game. It’s set in a mythical Greece, under the occupation of the Aes Sidhe Overlords. Here is the first adventurous soul to appear, I give you:   Yanis the Sly.