Episode 4: The portal of Kharon – Glykeria’s Tomb

  Episode 4- The portal of Kharon PDF   The short corridor leading from the charnel pit ended in a pair of securely locked iron doors, their hinges well hidden in the surrounding stonework. Logan and Yanis approached cautiously and began to investigate them. The doors appeared to be smooth, grey and unadorned, the only […]


Confessions The blue star turns in the hallway, slowly as you stand  before the  unmarked stone door, she begins to speak slowly as if to herself: “Theocrates has told me somewhat of the Aes Sidhe. I thought that Kharon was the greater enemy. When he escaped  – aided by his Mistress Sthenno, one of the […]

Episode Three: Strange Meetings

Episode Three: Strange Meetings and Confessions (PDF Version with illustration) Night had fallen and Theocrates was exhausted. He had been walking for days pondering his next move and trying to put as much distance between himself and trouble as possible. Things had not gone well since he and Atticus had deserted from the army and […]

Episode Two: Danger in the Dark

Logan, Yanis and Atticus found themselves standing in the entrance to a large, dimly lit room. The thin grey light filtering in through an arrow slit to their right revealed a clutter of fallen masonry and detritus which seemed to be concentrated in the far corner. From ahead came a faint noise, which might have been […]

Episode One: Stars in the Deep

Here’s the first episode in our Story Game: Time of the Gorgons YANBUS 12TH   1508 Yanis ‘the sly’, a renegade Sorceror Logan and Atticus (a mercenary from the north of Makedonia) meet in Taverna Stefanos, a restaurant bar in the village of Valtos. The three have taken shelter out of the howling winds and […]


Here is the background for Time of the Gorgons a  new piece I’m working on for a storytelling game. It’s set in a mythical Greece, under the occupation of the Aes Sidhe Overlords. Here is the first adventurous soul to appear, I give you:   Yanis the Sly.