These were recommended by a friend @BooktalkBmth,  if you are looking for Non Fluffy Vampires (R) you could try:

Have you read Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko?

The fantasy encylopedia article on vampires  hasn’t been updated in a while but you might find something there you haven’t read

if you find any more, let me know too…..



2 thoughts on “Cutting edge vampire stories

  1. These look great – I love the Night Watch (there’s also a film version of it, which is bonkers). The Discovery of Witches is a good read, waiting for the 3rd installment. I am intrigued by the idea of Russian period vampires so will put that on my list.
    Currently reading Those who hunt the night by Barbara Hambly & am really enjoying that. The vampires aren’t sparkly & the humans are real too.

  2. Thanks Gill, I’ll have to give some of these ago. Brian Lumleys Necroscope can be very good. I think the first 2 are worth reading

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